About the Plan

The City of Archdale is excited to announce the beginning of its Comprehensive Plan process. With the support of elected leadership and city staff, the process will be guided by a commitment to public engagement; emphasizing the City’s strong sense of community and mission to provide a high quality of life for all residents. The development of the plan coincides with the City’s 50th anniversary. This presents a special opportunity to engage residents on all aspects of community life and government, to celebrate past and present accomplishments, and to look towards the future.

One of the key outcomes of the planning process will be a review and consolidation of all of the city's long-range planning documents and policies, along with an evaluation of the progress of the 20/20 Strategic Plan. When it is adopted, the Comprehensive Plan will become the primary policy guide for land use, development, capital investments, and growth management decisions over the next decade and beyond, with clearly stated strategies for development that prioritize key projects for implementation by both the public and private sectors.

Announcements & Events

Comprehensive Plan Adopted

Following a public comment period on the draft plan, the Planning Board held a public hearing and made a unanimous recommendation to the City Council to adopt the plan at its meeting on Monday November 30, 2020. The City Council then held a public hearing and unanimously adopted the Comprehensive Plan on December 15, 2020. Thank you again to everyone in the community who participated in developing the plan. A PDF version of the plan is available for download by clicking on the link below:

Plan Archdale - PDF Download